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Funnel leads: change log now available
1 day ago

Worried about leads updating key information like Year Level or their Entry Year without your knowledge? We’ve got some good news!

You now have access to an easy-to-manage change log that shows a complete history of changes to all leads and guardians in one location. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to stay on top of any important changes that come through.

To access, simply click on the three-dot menu on the right side of your Leads page, and click “view history”.

Funnel events app: contactless check-in now available!
18 days ago

An exciting new feature is now available in the Funnel events check-in app. Guests can now check-in at your school’s events by scanning a QR code, directly loaded onto the Funnel events app on tablet or iPad.

For a printable QR code for your event, simply download a copy within the event page — just remember to check the QR code’s expiry date before printing.

To gain access to this new feature before your next school event, please make sure that your Funnel events check-in app is up to date.

New events content block
1 month ago

Great news! We’ve added a new event content block to your Funnel communications. This means that when you create a new email template, you can now easily add information about your upcoming event at scale. The events content block includes information such as event name, event time, and event location.

Send form data to an external service using webhooks
1 month ago

Need data from a specific form (like an absentee form) to be delivered straight to your web application? Talk to your Digistorm Customer Success Manager about how Funnel can now support this for you.

‘Collection field size’ update for CSV data
1 month ago

We’ve added extra options when exporting or importing CSV data to avoid empty columns. You’ll now be able to select from two ‘collection field size’ options:

Option 1: Best for importing data, this includes a fixed number of columns for data collection.

Option 2: Best for data sharing, this includes all collection items with no empty column. Do most of your leads have a single phone number, but there are few with two? This option will show two columns to represent phone numbers. Or perhaps, no leads have an address, then the address collection will be excluded from the export.

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